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Some comments from previous volunteers  
 at RWREC:

David - Orkney Isles, Scotland (2006)                                                     "Home from home.. Keep on with the good work it might be tough at times but the rewards are worth it. Thanks for everything. Hopefully see you again."

Alys - UK (2006)                                                                                     "I loved my time here and don't want to leave! I would love to come back sometime, you are fantastic people and I'm so impressed by what you have achieved here. Thank you so much."

Amit & Dana - Israel (2006)                                                                  "Thank you so much for everything... the food was great. It was an unforgettable experience!"

Nicky - UK (2007)                                                                                     " What an amazing experience! A fantastic set-up that deserves all the support it can get. hard work but incredibly rewarding, my time here will stay with me. You have an incredible team of people who enhance the volunteer experience immensely."

Amy - USA (2007)                                                                                      "Thank you so much for an incredible and absolutely unforgettable experience! I have had an amazing time and can't even begin to explain how much it has all meant to me! Beyond the beauty of being in Africa, helping and learning about animals, I was so thankful for your kindness, generosity and enthusiasm.... you all made me feel so comfortable and at home. So again thank you, I will be sure to keep in touch and hope to visit again soon!"

Geraldine - France (2007)                                                                        "If I thought I was lucky last year then I now know that it wasn't only that. I had an even better time this year, felt a lot closer to the monkeys, totally at peace - Thank you so much for having me here again, I admire you so much for what you do! Every minute of my life at Riverside has been exciting, interesting, fun and so lovely. The group of other girls was fantastic & I can't wait to come back soon enough. Love, will miss you."

Nathalie - New Zealand (2007)                                                                   "Thank you for the fantastic experience & opportunity to get closer & learn more about monkeys! The people here and other volunteers made my stay enjoyable."

Luana - Germany (2007)                                                                             "I don't know how I can say it - but this was really the best time in my life ever! The biggest experience I've ever had! Thank you so much Bob, Lynne, Matthew, staff and other volunteers for all this love and wonderful time! I will never forget this journey."

Carmen - The Netherlands (2007)                                                          "Thank you all for helping me have a great time here!! I loved to work with the monkeys and learned a lot. I am not good in putting my feelings into words, but I can say that I hate to leave here. Hope to see you all again."

Ruth - UK (2007)                                                                                   "Being at Riverside has been one of the best experiences of my life. I have enjoyed every moment here and I felt I have learnt so much about South Africa and the amazing wildlife here. I have always been obsessed with primates, so coming here was like living a childhood dream! I really don't want to leave. I have made great friends here as well. Thanks again for having me and making this such an amazing experience."

Alanna - Canada (2007)                                                                           "I have had an amazing time here. Thank you so much Bob, Lynne & Matthew. I admire you and all your work. I am lucky to have been a part of it. I have learned so much here, not just about animals. I appreciate every experience and every person I met here. Thank you so much for having me. I hope Riverside continues, it is wonderful. Keep saving the animals!"

Sherry & Vanja - Sweden (2007)                                                               "We had the best time of our lives. We can't tell in words how much we appreciate all of you. This experience changed both of us. We learned to appreciate life more. Your work is amazing, and we hope to meet again soon!"

Declan & Katja - Ireland (2007)                                                            "Thank you for a great stay we enjoyed it a lot, great food and company really wish we could have stayed longer. All our best to you in the future."

Catharina - The Netherlands (2007)                                                          "For 4 weeks I enjoyed every minute. In the morning cleaning in the afternoon interacting with the monkeys. Learned a lot about the monkeys and conservation. I'll be back. Thanks Bob, Lynne & Matthew for the pleasant time at Riverside."

Sally - UK (2007)                                                                                   "What can I say? Having already visited 5 projects in Africa before arriving at Riverside, I have no hesitation in saying this was the best, without any doubt! Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to experience and help (even if only in a small way). Every future success to Riverside."

Alison - UK (2008)                                                                               "Thanks to everyone who has helped make my dream come true. I've had an amazing month & I'm sad its over. I have learnt so much about the monkeys & wildlife & I'm so glad that there are places like Riverside who do such an amazing job at looking after monkeys. Thanks once again, I will miss my second family!"

Janet - Wales, UK (2008)                                                                        "A totally new experience for me. Thank you to all of you at Riverside for letting me have this chance to find out just how much one can really care for all creatures. I am leaving with a sad feeling but also of peace and hope not only for myself but the fantastic work and love Riverside has. Bob, Lynne & Matthew you really are an unselfish and remarkable family."

Yvonne - The Netherlands (2008)                                                            "Dear Bob, Lynne & Matthew, the third time was even better than the times before. Your concern for the animals make me admire you very much. I hope Riverside stays for ever! Thanks for your hospitality, and thanx for all that I've learned from you about the bush, South Africa and off course the monkeys."


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