Another year! Where does time disappear to? Each year we start off by thinking we'll get more done than the previous year/s, but somehow it has become more difficult to get everything done as we would like to; so.... no promises this year of monthly newsletters! Offcourse as soon as we 'master' the trick of working and changing things on our webpage ourselves it will be just SO much easier to do a regular newsletter.

This year has started off on a busy note: the monkey rehabilitation centre in East London is ready to release their first troop of rehabilitated monkeys. They've asked for our assistance with this as they have no previous experience of releases. That means a trip down there to have a look at the release site; after that transporting the release enclosure to the site and eventually offcourse the capturing of the monkeys at the centre and their final release! We are hoping to be able to do the release during April some time.

In January Steve & Debbie Greensmith returned to Riverside with the promise of helping for at least a year! Welcome onboard you two, hope your stay at Ruverside will be a happy one! Matthew spent Christmas and a further two months in the UK and he will be returning to Riverside beginning of March. He has been missed by all.

2007 was a 'record' year with a total of 143 volunteers that visited Riverside! Thank you to each and every volunteer for their assistance at /and belief in what we do at Riverside.

At this stage we have 11 orphan baby monkeys, the volunteers have their hands full with keeping them fed and happy daily, don't think they realised how much effort goes into the raising of baby monkeys!

Most volunteers since October 2004 knew about the house that Bob was buliding. Well.... believe it or not mid-November 2007 Bob and Lynne finally moved into their 'new' house! It is so nice, when we are at home it almost feels as though we are on holiday! How many people need a bird book to identify all the birds in their garden or share the garden with mongoose, squirrels, giant lizards and even tortoises?

A big thank you to all the volunteers who've 'adopted' their favourite monkeys; your contributions help a lot! Thank you also to the volunteers who've given cash donations towards the building of the new enclosure it should be completed by mid-February! Thank you to Tuija Hukkanen for her continued support; and our sincere wishes that she will regain her strength and hopefully be able to visit Riverside soon!

To all the generous people who assist with contributions of fruit and vegetables - thank you once again! Egbert and Wendy Mooi, Mr Jakob de la Port, Sasko, Pick'nPay & Gubitz family a special thank you to all of you.

Hope 2008 will be a really good year for everybody! Please keep in touch!