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How to Participate?

Be actively involved with hands on participation of conserving our diminishing wildlife by becoming part of either volunteer work, adoption or donation.


AFRICA......Un-spoilt and exciting! Have you always dreamed of coming to Africa? YOU can make it happen, come to Riverside Wildlife Centre to have a true African Experience:

Get hands-on experience of working with injured/orphaned wild animals, and the satisfaction of knowing that you helped to better the quality of life of some beautiful wild animal, be there when it gets released back to nature!

Experience the satisfaction of nursing wild animals and birds

African sounds; crickets, night birds, the eerie sound of a bush baby calling or even the rustling of grass and branches as the hippos come out to graze at night!

Experience African culture whilst working and living with the people of Africa, get to know the various cultures that make up our rainbow nation.

Even better than all of the above is knowing that you have contributed to Nature Conservation by being involved in the whole rehabilitation process.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, you just need to complete our
application form and we will respond shortly.


Whether you have volunteered with us or not, you must have your "special" animal and wish to do a little for him, well what about adopting your favourite? By adopting you will be able to follow rehabilitation processes and receive regular news of your little one!

You can also choose to adopt a vervet monkey for the full period of the  rehabilitation process! This will entitle you to be actively part of the release of your adopted animal, identify him with the scannner of the microchip as well as monitor his behaviour through this release phase.

To adopt today, click on the link below and fill in the Adoption Form.


By a donation, you would help us achieve some of the projects below.


1. Daily running and maintenance of a rehabilitation centre can be quite costly, especially at times when we have an influx of animals, fresh and sufficient food has to be obtained daily.

2. Releases are wonderful, BUT costly! Get your company or several companies to assist with the donation of funds to enable us to release monkeys & other animals more often!

3. A lecture room which can be used to educate the public, school groups and visitors to the centre is one of the future objectives at Riverside.

4. Adjacent to the existing grounds of the centre is some unspoilt land which would be a great asset to future developments of Riverside if we can raise the funds to purchase it. 

To help us by making a donation, please click on the link below to fill in the donation form.

To help us, please fill in our Donation Form


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