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While you're at our Centre we love to share some of the really worthwhile places of the Limpopo Province with you. Here are just a few of the popular excursions we have to offer.

Baobab Tree

Not far from Modjadjiskloof you'll be able to see the biggest Baobab in the world, one of the oldest living trees.  It has a circumference of 46,8 m. and carbon dating has determined its age at an astronomical 6000 years!

 Elephant Back Rides

Interact with the 'gentle giants' of the bush while Rory and his team explain how they handle elephants that have become a problem else where. We all know elephants are big, but you will only realise how big once you've actually stood right next to one while feeding it some tasty titbit, or when you go for a slow walk on his back!


Ethnic Village

Pay a visit to an ethnic village and experience the ethnic people's hospitality - join them for a dance wearing traditional clothes!



Microlight Flights

See the surrounding areas from the air. The mountains have a different 'look' from up in there, see crocodiles and hippos basking in the sun on the shores of rivers and dams!

Panorama Scenic Route                                                 A day-long excursion into                  neighbouring Mpumalanga                   Province, some of the most                   unbelievable scenic views to be       seen in SA. Test your courage             by doing a 68mt swing in a               gorge. Buy handcrafted curios            to take home as gifts!  

Kruger Game Park

You can't leave South Africa without a visit to the Kruger National park. Experience wildlife as close as possible, learn more about nature and    animals from a qualified field guide. Whatever your favourite            animal be it giraffe, elephant or even zebra there is no bigger thrill than seeing them in their natural environment  and besides you could even be  fortunate enough to see The Big 5!



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