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Well, how about 'Adopting' your Favourite?


The following volunteers adopted their favourite animal:

- Lianne van Kampen from The Neterlands adopted Kulani a Vervet Monkey
- Jan Davis from England adopted Miss Licky a Vervet Monkey
- Saskia from The Netherlands adopted Humpherdinck a Bush baby
- Chris Kleinschmidt from the Netherlands adopted Bruce a Side 
   Striped Jackal
- Julia de la Barreda from Tenerife adopted Bobo a Chacma Baboon
- Melanie Leimkuhler from Germany adopted Bones a Common Duiker


"Sabine Kreutz adopted Tickey, baby vervet monkey for the full rehabilitation period of 18 months".
If you would like to know more about adoption from Sabine, you can email her on


Leanor Gonzo from Dubai adopted 2 monkeys. She couldn’t adopt ALL of the monkeys as she wished to do. Kelly and Peanut are fortunate to be adopted by Leanor. 


if you need info regarding this adoption kindly e-mail Leanor

Jackie Havard from Buckinghamshire England adopted Freddy

if you need info regarding this adoption kindly e-mail Jackie at:  


Vanessa Poisson from France adopted Babbalas (meaning hang-over in Afrikaans) She chose the option to pay for the full duration of the rehabilitation of 18 mths. Thanks Vanessa.

If you need info regarding this adoption kindly e-mail Vanessa.


Ha-Hoo the Spotted Eagle Owl - was released on 28-04-2004 Riverside premises.

Python - was released on 30-04-2004 Farm La-Motte 2000Ha big 

The monkeys released at Black Hills are still doing fine. With every visit to the site the monkeys was sighted by Florie and accompanying volunteers. It was quite difficult to count them because they keep their distance, but it was estimated at ± 20 plus.

Mr Howard Hughes manager at Black Hills reported that the troop is sighted very often and he counted around 22 to 25 in numbers. The troop has moved into the trees next to the dam near their house. Howard reported that he and Ruth (his wife) have noticed some females with babies.

The monitoring continues.   


During May-July 2008 Riverside's volunteers accompanied by Bob and Matthew will be assisting a centre in East London (SA's Eastern Cape Province)  when they do their first release of rehabilitated monkeys back to nature! They have a troop of 59 monkeys that will be released on beautiful pristine natural land approx 30Km outside of East London. This is always one of the most rewarding experiences after years of hard work to get the monkeys to this stage!


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