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Riverside Accommodation

At Riverside we have overnight facilities for small and large groups: Two big dormitories; Loerie's Rest accommodates 7, Owl's Barn 8, and then Woodpecker Inn can accommodate 4-6, while 3-4 people can sleep in Fish Eagle Cabin .


We can accommodate couples separately in our Kingfisher Hut or Caravan if you so wish. Sleeping outside can be arranged. Laundry gets done at a small extra fee, to cover washing powder, electricity and labour! 

We supply sheets, duvets and pillows, in winter a sleeping bag helps when it gets really cold! (Or if you want to sleep outside!). Mosquito nets aren't really necessary, but some volunteers or guests feel "safer" with a net! Mosquito nets are a lot cheaper in SA than elsewhere in the world so buy them here if you want one.

The camping site has toilets and shower facilities. A small kitchen / bar can be used by groups. For our volunteers there will be breakfast, lunch and dinner served every day at the office complex at the front gate. See here for more information about the catering for our volunteers.


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Riverside Wildlife Rehabilitation and Environmental Education Centre, P.O. Box 161, Letsitele 0885, Limpopo Province, South Africa.
Phone: +27 (0)15 3451050, E-mail: river-edu@mweb.co.za, Website: http://www.primate-sa.org