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We have been involved in primate rehabilitation for 16 years, we like to think of ourselves as “Vervet Monkey Specialists”. At one stage we only dealt with monkeys, but we have been receiving more animal and bird species lately. Any orphaned and/or injured animals get treated at the centre, and when healed or strong enough, we release them back to their natural habitat.

We DO NOT keep animals in cages once they have been rehabilitated!!! Primates take longer to rehabilitate, so their rehabilitation could take up to 3 years.

It is impossible to guarantee that volunteers will work with/handle more than monkeys when at the centre, but... as we are getting more and more different species of animals/birds in, it is difficult to predict what we’ll actually handle while they are here!

At times we receive monkeys from other centres, the government and the NSPCA - which means that we could receive groups of 25+!

We hope to be able to release at least two troops of rehabilitated monkeys back to the wild per year, and there is quite a bit of organisation, research and monitoring involved in this.

Volunteers must realise that there is a lot more to operating a rehabilitation centre than just feeding and cleaning and handling animals, here they are also involved in the maintenance and construction of the centre!


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